13 July 2013

Israeli Music Pops

I'm so uncommitted to music that I don't even have a tag for it. But I'm really excited about this song!! I heard the "teaser" TYP posted somewhere and was like, Mizrachi realness. Cannot wait.

I have mentioned before that my attitude toward Israeli pop music, as someone who grew up with American pop music, whose breakthroughs in the 20th century have been the result of African-American innovations, was one, well, markedly lacking in enthusiasm. Pop culture in Israel has shifted since the 1990s. Maybe I'm getting my head around the music more lately because the dudes whose stuff I'm liking like Ivri Lider are around my age--and we've probably had some of the same musical landmarks.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for IsraPop. Appropriately enough, I heard one of Aviv Geffen's songs in English on the way to Ben-Gurion. It was melancholy enough for a cab ride to the airport at 4AM. And I listened to Asaf Avidan's album on the flight from Paris and liked it enough to order my own copy ahead of the its 2014 (!!) release in the U.S.

If this is the first Israeli pop song you've heard, Mazel tov! It's awesome. 

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