18 July 2013

Israeli Music Pops, Part II: I Was Like, These Are Not Love Songs

I'm not gonna lie: I did not like Asaf Avidan's voice when I saw his Tedx Tel Aviv thing last year. And I was childishly disappointed he didn't speak English with an awesome Israeli accent.

But I did listen to his Different Pulses album on the flight back from Paris last month. (Thanks, Air France!) I was like, Wow, I like this, and proceeded to listen to "Different Pulses" and "613" several times in a row. To me, they sound like the beach at Jaffa. So, I was bummed to find that Different Pulses won't be released in the U.S. until 2014. On the other hand, I should have some sweet interview questions by then. Meanwhile, Asaf Avidan tours Europe--mostly France, it seems--endlessly. This makes me feel resentful.

So, I bought Different Pulses online at the end of last month and finally got it yesterday. I read the liner notes and was like, These are not love songs. I was thinking about this song yesterday and found this great live version.

I need your help, dear reader! Hip me to awesome Israeli pop music you know about. I've been listening to Rinat Bar on SoundCloud. I listened to the Balkan Beat Box at work today. Leave your suggestion(s) as a comment. Also, let me know what you think of this song. Thanks!

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