18 June 2013

What To Read For Summer

I've never lost a blog post before. Really. I haven't.  So, I'm emotionally unequipped to deal with having just lost a pretty good blog post about what to read this summer.

Basically, I was saying that I was reading Eli Amir's Yasmine because I finally capitulated to the buy-a-second-book-at-50%-off sale at Steimatzky's Ramat Aviv location even though books in English were hella expensive, and that it had been touch and go the first chapter, but I settled in with the first-person chapter featuring the character Nuri. And that I have less than 100 pages to go and stop every dozen or so pages because I'm afraid something major will happen and I'll be totally devastated. This is how tense I get when I read.

Also, that I was planning to read Said's Orientalism because I probably have some exoticist hangovers from watching The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles in high school and reading Michael Korda's Queenie in grade school. Yup.

So, basically, that was what I was going to say. That, and the fact that I felt sure there was something else I had forgotten to mention but was, no doubt, a brilliant addition to my to-read list. But I didn't click the little undo arrow when I accidentally deleted my far better previous post on this topic, so this is what there is.

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