17 May 2013

Sitting Back, Unwinding

I turned in my last assignments from this semester last week.  Now I'm just getting ready for I-P. That is such an excellent state of affairs I almost feel obligated to write a rap song about it. Nevermind that. It appears that Will Smith got there first.

Not surprisingly, I am very much looking forward to this summer, have been since the Spring 2013 semester started. As a student, I feel like I squeeze all the living I want to do into its fleeting months. Well, this year I have a plan. 

Stuff I Want To Do This Summer
  1. Pick berries
  2. Make fruit cobbler
  3. Make a pie from scratch
  4. Make a cake from scratch
  5. Make awesome vegan food (with friends?)
  6. Work on Israel-Palestine film festival 
  7. Create a magazine
  8. Figure out Art Education plan of study
  9. Take a dance class (Bellydancing? Tap?)
  10. Get running game on point
  11. See "All My Sons" at American Players Theatre
  12. Get my room organized
  13. Get more exercise (Kickboxing? Pilates?)
  14. Help friends in their gardens
  15. Go to Iowa City 
  16. Visit friends in other parts of the state

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