22 March 2013

SGC | Milwaukee | 2013

Two great tastes that taste great together: Milwaukee and printmaking.

I am going to the SGC International conference in Milwaukee! Yay! I would've been even more awesome if I'd had Spring Break this week and wasn't going at the ass end, but such are the vicissitudes of grad school life...

I want to blog more about cool stuff that's going on and is accessible and the fact that this can just be part of one's life. That sentence was, indeed, totally really amorphous, but it's been a bee in my bonnet about creative work this past year.

Amos Kennedy won't be there this year, which is too bad because I could've added to my nascent art collection. But I guess the man did just up and move across the country, so I totally get it. Or he might have a show he's getting ready for.  (Hmm. Maybe I should edit and post the interview I did with him last semester?? I can haz content!)

The (always awesome) Little Friends of Printmaking will be there, and it's always great to catch up with them. (Not that I'm expecting them to change their name or anything.) I did see them at Ritz Crafters and buy the tuxedo cat on a bike poster last month. But they're still moving to L.A. Boo! Shame! Unfortunately, I will not make it to the opening reception for the show at Sky High Gallery tonight because of aforementioned vicissitudes.

But many thanks to them for permission for the use of the image above.     

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