29 March 2013

Faythe Levine's New Film Is Ready

Last week during SGC's I stopped by Sky High Gallery to peep the show by The Little Friends of Printmaking, who are, unfortunately, still planning to move to California.

Whilst there, I, of course, chatted a little with Faythe, whom I had approached earlier about being the topic of the research project I'm doing for my art education class. (She graciously said yes.)

I was really excited to hear that her new film about sign painters is done and that she's booking it. Yay! Unfortunately, it wasn't completed in time to make it into this year's Wisconsin Film Festival. Dang. I hope to play a part in its screening here in Madison, though. I, ahem, actually haven't seen Handmade Nation yet, so perhaps that could be a double feature.

I will be writing a piece for Bitch magazine's blog about Faythe, too.

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