21 February 2013

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Photo by Lindsey Byrnes
Photo by Lindsey Byrnes

Yes, I still listen to So Jealous on trips to Iowa. And sing along.  

Tegan and Sara are playing in Madison on Sunday. I have a non-fiction deadline the day after, but the  more I listen to tracks from Heartthrob, the less I feel inclined to stay my ass home. The twitchy excellence of "Closer" would definitely have a place on an excellent mixtape for the guy I'm crushing on. Also, my money is on this becoming everyone's summer jam. I also like "Shock To Your System." By "like," I mean "cried the first time I heard it."

The last time I saw Tegan and Sara was in 2004--right here in Madison, as it were. If I were sure their setlist included "We Didn't Do It," I'd be all in.


  1. Nice--I played Tegan and Sara on my first LGBTQ-themed radio show (there were eventually three): http://steelsmagnolias.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/show-11-lgbtq-music/

    1. That's cool. Which track(s) did you play?


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