28 February 2013

Mission To...

Iowa City is likely my favorite place in the world. I have such a good time when I'm there. It's balmier than Wisconsin. And I really set it off when I hit the secondhand stores there! (Yes, I'm looking at you, Mark.) I love the way smaller places like Iowa City (and Milwaukee) have this awesome let's-make-it-happen attitude. Iowa City is the little city that could--albeit one with with a top-shelf literary pedigree.

Mission Creek is in many ways the embodiment of the can-do spirit of Iowa City. Iowa City is the little city that could--albeit, one with a top-shelf literary pedigree. Someone, like Mission Creek co-founder Andre Perry, is always cooking up some way to make Iowa City a better, more vibrant community. Which is why I asked Andre how I could help out with Mission Creek this year. His answer was simply to tell people in my area about Mission Creek.

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