03 February 2013

I Have Loved Nick Rhodes for Almost 30 Years

OMG, I'm now old enough to be the second/third wife of any Duran Duran member. Time flies, doesn't it?

As a child in the 1980s, Duran Duran was unavoidable. And Nick Rhodes's girly hotness seared itself into my eight-year-old brain. I guess going for the arty girlyboy is the typical immature female's response. For Simon Le Bon, the luscious-lipped lead singer, was considered the hottie. Well, actually, he probably tied with the scorching babe bassist (!) John Taylor.

But Nick Rhodes was so cool, looking moody and unattainable over the keys. His hair was always awesome. He had better pouts and cheekbones than I would have as a grown woman. I wanted to be like him. I wanted to dress like him. I wanted to hang out with him.

I do have to give props to my older sister for being the non-conformist; she thought Roger Taylor (the drummer!) was hot. The video above is probably the best showcase for him I've ever seen. This is a great moment for both Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor, actually, in that the backbone of this performance is that unending bass drum and the interpolation of that iconic, monster synth from "Relax." Meowr and thank you, sirs.

"Come Undone" is probably my favorite Duran Duran song. My connection with all Duran Duran songs are emotional, I guess. Firstly, it was a revival or resurgence for this band that had been godlike when I had been a kid some ten years after their biggest moment. It hit at a crucial time in my development--the year I went to college; I can't hear this song without getting a visual image of the campus I spent my first year of college at.

Musically, it uses the archetypal early 1990s beats in a way that doesn't sound played out 20 years on. The synths are Rhodesian iciness at its best. Something I didn't realize until listening to this with headphones (and not watching the video for glimpses of Nick Rhodes) was the understated, dangerously sexy bassline. Well played, Mr. Taylor, well played!

If "Come Undone" is the ur-Nick Rhodes, um, audio text, what I consider the ur-Nick Rhodes visual text was the bit in the "Ordinary World" video in which he zhushes the bride. (Also, in the "View to a Kill" video he appears as Mr. Arty Pants Photographer.)

I guess this is also expressive of my feeling toward Mr. Rhodes now. I necessarily don't want him, baby; though, obviously, if I had the opportunity to make out with him, I'd take advantage of it rather enthusiastically. I'd like Nick Rhodes to explain his tech set-up to me; to send me emails about art, designers, and music he finds interesting; go shopping with me and offer makeover advice. Does that sound like I want Nick Rhodes to be my mentor?

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