30 July 2012

The Band That Made Madison Famous

I remember watching this video during the 1998-1999 school year when I was living in New York and depressed. I just loved this song. It's kind of bitchin' and melancholy at the same time.

Another Garbage memory that sticks in my head is staying near the old Community Mercantile location in Lawrence with some alternaboy named Tim and his roommate in 1996. I was sitting on the porch thinking I wanted to see the "Stupid Girl" video.

I have yet to meet a woman who is not like, "Shirley Manson!! Call me and we'll go buy eyeliner or something, girl!" Ok. I guess that's one cool thing about living in Madison; I saw her at the now-defunct Cafe Montmartre. Unfortunately, I looked a steaming hot mess at the time. Manson, of course, looked very cool and UK-y.

So, I am looking forward to seeing and reviewing Garbage August 9.

29 July 2012

This Goes Out to Laurie Steed (Jellyfish)

How cute are they?
This is a post about Jellyfish, the film directed by--it's on; I'm gonna say it!--artsy Israeli power couple No. 1 Shira Geffen and Etgar Keret. An added bonus: both appear in the film. So does their then-baby son. And Keret's father, may he rest.

Australian writer, editor, and Bell Biv Davoe enthusiast Laurie Steed was the first classmate I met during the 2012 three-week. When I mentioned I was interested in Israeli film, he told me he wanted to see Jellyfish. I was, of course, aware of this Camera-d'Or-snagging picture, but my attitude was one of getting  around to it, like, when I got around to it. But when I was in  Four Star Video Heaven on Friday afternoon, it was calling to me from its shelf.

I decided to watch this movie because Keren Yedaya's Jaffa seemed a little, I don't know, קשה for a Friday night. Oy! I didn't know what I was in for. Obviously.  I've remarked in the past few months that films didn't make me cry, but rather books did. I thought of having said this as tears started stinging my eyes as I watched Jellyfish.

The power of this film is in its female relationships. Admittedly, this is kind of a real big duh because there are three female protagonists in Jellyfish. I felt tenderly toward wedding reception waitress Batya, who experienced a generalized existential dislocation and inertia, and especially related to the way her childhood memories of abandonment bore upon her there's-no-there-there relationship with her parents. And for me, the scene between Galia the actress and her mother was pivotal. As I cried, making this sharp, inhaling sound I don't recall ever having made, I thought, This is a film speaking to and for Xers and women. I wonder what the directors, especially Geffen, would say about that.

I'll be thinking about Jellyfish, especially the metaphor of the mute girl who comes from the sea, in the future. Overall, it was sad and beautiful. (So, you gotta see it, mate.)

27 July 2012

Oh, Disco

When Greg and I were hanging out last month, we got to talking about music. Which, actually, is typical of our interactions. Having come of age in the 1990s, I just never got electronic music out of my system. I love some trip-hop and I don't care who knows.

I like the deep, soulful, bass-y stuff. Because, to me, music should facilitate--if not exist exclusively for--dancing. I'm just not generous enough to give the DJ 30 seconds or more to get the song moving--to get me moving. Do not come at me with something cold or metallic. 

So, there we were hanging out, and Greg mentions liking Offer Nissim's work. And I'm like, "What? How do you know who Offer Nissim is? Are we talking about the same person??" I had come across his name earlier this spring when I was bingeing on Ivri Lider tracks. Ok. I guess it's sort of not weird to have heard of an Israeli DJ, but it's more unusual than having heard of a, let's say, Dutch DJ. 

Last week I saw this remix Offer Nissim had done of Ivri Lider's band TYP's song "20 Seconds." 
So, in honor of Greg, I posted it above.

26 July 2012

Mazel Tov, Israel

Having listened to this track a few times, I have this masterful, incisive bit of music crit to share: sweet, sweet hook.

Update for my music nerds: per Ivri Lider, this song was written by himself and young Johnny Goldstein, with some programming by Goldstein. Yoad Nevo produced. TYP will be appearing in Montreal in early August. So far, though, no word of shows in the U.S. Boo!

18 July 2012

Kibbutz. Dance. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Now seems like it's time to show Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company some love. (There's room in my heart for several Israeli dance companies.) I saw them in Madison several years ago and loved them. They have what is apparently called a dance village, about which you can watch this video.

If you're like me, there's never a bad time to watch a man dance in a dress or skirt.

17 July 2012


Oh, you know your lady indie music? You like how I did that there?

Another remix of Mathangi's song, another draft of a poem what I wrote.

Cool Girl

Cute knees

Her ride is a bike you left that note on trying to buy

Black sneakers, no socks

She signifies
Passionate about an obscure cinema

(Lived in New York)

Namechecking bands she knows you don't know

Interdisciplinary master's degree

Has given away the drummer's set list cuz she only needed it for a review of the show

But she'll dump you for your dad in the end

12 July 2012

I,You,He,She,We,They,It KlezKamp

Klezmer and kamp? How could anyone resist?!

KlezKamp Madison will feature local darlings Yid Vicious, who blew my mind when I saw for the first time yesterday. I did look for a song of theirs to post, but I didn't find anything on SoundCloud. So, looking for media to post, I recalled seeing some glamorous-looking band in Time Out Tel Aviv from London. Oi Va Voi, of course! And, no, your eyes do not deceive you! That is a black chick up in the klezmer band! The breakdown is crayzay, so this is the klezmer media I picked for this post.

I am very excited about KlezKamp, which, in the interest of full disclosure, I must mention I will be working for. Another admission is that I had feelings of wariness about klezmer. I'm not sure why. I'd heard some tunes by the Klezmatics before that I really liked. Maybe the clarinet and tuba thing? I'm not sure. But, this is Wisconsin. I didn't know from tubas? Perhaps what has allayed my fears is the way musicians are hybridizing and riffing on klezmer. Shoot, I bet Janelle Monae busts out some klezmer samples on everybody next time you turn around.

KlezKamp, July 22 at the Pyle Center, is free! Register here for the chance to win fabulous prizes! Should be good times, mind-blowing musicianship, Yiddishkeit, and folk culture, y'all.

08 July 2012

Lost City

Ok, it's perhaps a little late to be talking about the Lost City Music Festival. But better late than never. And, hey, there's a bowling tournament this afternoon and more shows at a yet, to me, unknown time and location.

Nothing says summer like a music festival, amirite? I was at Project Lodge for the music business talk done by Martin Atkins, a British drummer who rather liberally larded his presentation with all permutations of the word "fuck."  What he seemed to be saying was, Go about your life and make friends and do your creative stuff and have fun and let your friends know about it and be smart and strategic and creative in your thinking and how you go about things to get where you want to go. I found it odd that for a minute, I was really. Truly. The only person with two X chromosomes. Up in that piece. I was like, WTF? WTF? WTF?

Croaker kicked of LCMF at ProLo. There were seven people onstage. The guitar player was really good. I wondered what the deal was with the keyboard dude's amp. I wondered why the drummer wasn't playing with regular sticks. She looked like she was having a good time, but why the jazz swizzles? Maybe because ProLo was too small for her attack with regular sticks? Their set was good, but it was so hot in the venue that I had to bounce.

You can still make the bowling tournament. And maybe the grillout.