13 November 2012

Amos Kennedy Wants You to Know: When You Support Detroit Printing Plant, You Support Detroit

I mentioned Amos P. Kennedy, artist and famous guy, in the blog post I put up earlier today about the Wisconsin Book Festival. And, like any self-promoter with a clue, I emailed the post to him.

A few hours later Kennedy, a graduate of Wisconsin's MFA printmaking program, replied to my email asking me to do a blog post about the Detroit Printing Plant. I've been a little obsessed with Detroit since I spent a summer at U of M studying German. And I've lived in Milwaukee, so I have a big place in my heart for heavy industry's orphans. If you know Milwaukee, you know that, though it has its challenges, there are definitely grace notes, like Jim Godsil's mind-blowing aquaponics set-up. I have a hunch the same is true of Detroit. In fact, I think it could be 1970s New York about to happen.

Amos Kennedy, famous artist and overall-wearer, is raising money to build a letterpress printing plant in Detroit as a sustainable business. Isn't that music to your ears? Doesn't your head swim?

You can learn more about donating to the campaign here. The deadline is December 16. Please donate. Please forward.

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  1. I love your video! Really fun; great shots! :)


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