20 October 2012

My First Poem in Hebrew is by Yuval Ben-Ami

Update: This is not Yuval Ben-Ami because the link to him reading his poetry in an Israeli bookstore chain is broken. It is instead Noam Partom performing "Pretty and pretty with stars in their eyes (lovesmetoo).

It goes without saying that this would not be my first poem in Hebrew without subtitles, subtitles, subtitles. Yuval Ben-Ami writes for 972mag.com, which I check in with for info about Israel-Palestine in English once a week or so--which is how I know who he is.

Ben-Ami posted a story about Hebrew poetry on YouTube on 972 last month. This led me to the work of Noam Partom, which I posted. Yuval Ben-Ami also writes poetry. And since there are only two book chains in Israel, a poet like himself isn't getting much love from the Israeli publishing industry. So, Ben-Ami decided to "book" himself in bookstore locations. I am posting the first one because it has English subtitles. But there are, like, 19 more.

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