26 September 2012

Let Hebrew Poetry on YouTube Light Up Your Life

I am posting this video because I saw "How YouTube became Hebrew poetry's last resort" on +972. Intriguing, no? I find this very interesting as I continue to contemplate since I've decided that the paper I do for my book history and print culture class will have something to do with the Hebrew-language, er,  bibliosphere.

This performer's name is Noam Partom. There aren't English subtitles, but I think, as with a great deal of good spoken word, the medium does a lot of the message's heavy lifting.

25 September 2012

Bottle in the Sea of Gaza About As Far Away as a Bottle in the Sea of Gaza

Greggers was pointing out earlier this week that it's been a while since I posted. So, here's this trailer of Bottle in the Sea of Gaza.

Some friends screen independent/international films on a regular basis, and I'm lobbying for an Israeli flick this week. Unfortunately, Bottle in the Sea of Gaza is not available on Netflix or in Four Star Video Heaven, whose lack of Israeli film selection I've complained about to staff before. So, this is as close as I'm going to get to it for a while. Sigh.

15 September 2012

Oded Ezer Could Be Your Type

Update: I replaced the video since I seemed to have a broken link. Start at 0:42

Do you think about Hebrew typefaces very much? I sort of do. I've complained or at least thought that Hebrew fonts were lacking something. But it's not as if I could really, like, read very well. Maybe reading a different script is just inherently fatiguing.

Of course, I was introduced to it in the mid-1990s, and Israel's visual culture has changed since then, as evidenced by the work of Oded Ezer. Yes, a cursory googling of  "Hebrew typography"reveals the field doesn't begin and end with Ezer, but, I don't see anyone else wearing a mohawk of stylized typeface--so, there we are.

I started this post earlier this summer, and, like so many other things, it kind of got hung up. But Hebrew typefaces are again on my mind because I'm taking History of Books and Print Culture from Prof. Jonathan Senchyne and must needs find a topic for my seminar paper. Which means decide between topics.

So, if you're cooling out somewhere with a stack of scholarly articles about Hebrew typefaces under your desk, would you mind dropping me a friendly comment?