18 August 2012

I Think Etgar's Really Funny

This past summer I read Suddenly, A Knock On the Door and reread The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God. And sometimes, admittedly, I thought, What the hell is wrong with this guy? Truly. Other times, though, I was laughing so raucously as to draw attention in public. Consider the opening lines from his one of his stories: "Have you ever wondered what word is most frequently uttered by people about to die a violent death? MIT carried out a comprehensive study of the question among heterogeneous communities in North America and discovered that the word is none other than fuck." Don't you wish it occurred to you to write that?

So, clicking on the Jewish Daily Forward video above is worth your while if you haven't already. Go ahead. I'll wait. Good stuff, huh? I would've included Stanley Tucci reading Keret's story "Creative Writing," but I couldn't embed that, but you can find it here.

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