08 July 2012

Lost City

Ok, it's perhaps a little late to be talking about the Lost City Music Festival. But better late than never. And, hey, there's a bowling tournament this afternoon and more shows at a yet, to me, unknown time and location.

Nothing says summer like a music festival, amirite? I was at Project Lodge for the music business talk done by Martin Atkins, a British drummer who rather liberally larded his presentation with all permutations of the word "fuck."  What he seemed to be saying was, Go about your life and make friends and do your creative stuff and have fun and let your friends know about it and be smart and strategic and creative in your thinking and how you go about things to get where you want to go. I found it odd that for a minute, I was really. Truly. The only person with two X chromosomes. Up in that piece. I was like, WTF? WTF? WTF?

Croaker kicked of LCMF at ProLo. There were seven people onstage. The guitar player was really good. I wondered what the deal was with the keyboard dude's amp. I wondered why the drummer wasn't playing with regular sticks. She looked like she was having a good time, but why the jazz swizzles? Maybe because ProLo was too small for her attack with regular sticks? Their set was good, but it was so hot in the venue that I had to bounce.

You can still make the bowling tournament. And maybe the grillout.

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