12 July 2012

I,You,He,She,We,They,It KlezKamp

Klezmer and kamp? How could anyone resist?!

KlezKamp Madison will feature local darlings Yid Vicious, who blew my mind when I saw for the first time yesterday. I did look for a song of theirs to post, but I didn't find anything on SoundCloud. So, looking for media to post, I recalled seeing some glamorous-looking band in Time Out Tel Aviv from London. Oi Va Voi, of course! And, no, your eyes do not deceive you! That is a black chick up in the klezmer band! The breakdown is crayzay, so this is the klezmer media I picked for this post.

I am very excited about KlezKamp, which, in the interest of full disclosure, I must mention I will be working for. Another admission is that I had feelings of wariness about klezmer. I'm not sure why. I'd heard some tunes by the Klezmatics before that I really liked. Maybe the clarinet and tuba thing? I'm not sure. But, this is Wisconsin. I didn't know from tubas? Perhaps what has allayed my fears is the way musicians are hybridizing and riffing on klezmer. Shoot, I bet Janelle Monae busts out some klezmer samples on everybody next time you turn around.

KlezKamp, July 22 at the Pyle Center, is free! Register here for the chance to win fabulous prizes! Should be good times, mind-blowing musicianship, Yiddishkeit, and folk culture, y'all.

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