26 June 2012

Kiss My First Draft

Pele’s hair is a cloud of smoke and ashes 

Burning because she is burned 

She chillin on her mountaintop 
blowin out her fro 
waitin for her girls to show up 
Lillith be late—
this time because her new man is in his 20s
 he Palestinian and he fiiiine; she ain’t even try to keep it dl— 
but everybody wait cuz she make the best salads 
Kali Ma and Erzulie be on the porch braiding hair 
La Malinche making vegan bibimbop and collard greens 
cuz her mama black and Korean but don’t hardly nobody know it 
Corn Woman don’t never cut off her phone, honey, cuz her people need her 
Doing nails and listening to M.I.A. and Grace Jones and Fiona Apple waiting for dinner

The boys come to Pele 
Honestly, that girl just tryna finish her art degree 
Boys be like, “Hey, girl!” and “Pele, baby!” 

Chile, nobody aint th’owin nobody into no volcanoes 
That’s some mess somebody mama started when Pele broke up with her son 
and he killed hisself

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