20 June 2012

I Remember When He Was the Coolest Guy On Earth

I hadn't watched this video in over 20 years. Intriguing and incredibly heart-breaking.

Obviously, a sick, mind-blowing video. Even though it was released during the high tide of grunge, this blew everyone's mind. You can watch this video endlessly. I find that, though MJ was already in decline, I can still get goosebumps watching him dance.

The video is insanely brilliant marketing, but the song itself is also pop genius. The groove is, simply, historic. I didn't realize until today that the lyrics include, appropriately, "Stop fucking with me."

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  1. Thanks for the MJ magic. Both these tracks have stayed with me over the years. They both (quite poignantly) illuminate his relationship with a fairly hostile media. These tracks are almost unquestionably strong. While 'Leave me alone' has a surreal, almost nightmarish video, by 'Scream' he's well and truly indoctrinated. He's angrier,the song's more produced the clip cuts are slicker, and it's no accident that he's put himself on a spaceship, far away from those who might try to bring him down.


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