23 June 2012

Greg and I Need A Poetry Party

Greg and I went to the museum today and I got all het up over the Ben Shahn in the show. We stayed near the downtown this afternoon, stopping at Graze for nibbles and a chat, then going to Context. Greg likes Context; I liked the jeans, but found it a bit sportif. We ended up at Barriques talking about poetry.

Greg and I have spoken of doing a radio show. (Perhaps this stems from an evening at the bar next to Hamburg Inn after dinner at Pagliai's in Iowa City. Greg and I sat next to each other intermittently identifying hits from our high school years.) I realize we need a writing group, as well. (Duh?)

I have been emailing Greg first drafts from my rock star series all day. (He, in turn, has sent me his oh, sheila piece.) I am going out on a limb and including "Aviv Geffen" below.

(Haiku mix)
Swallowed fricatives
Give me blowback mouth-to-mouth
What’d all that mean, love?

(A Little Wanton mix)
Swallowed fricatives
Enjoy the blowback mouth-to-mouth
What were you saying all that time anyway, love?

(Ivrit mix)
Hot oil fricatives
Pass your soul mouth-to-mouth,
then the blowback

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