01 May 2012

My Novel Has A Sorta Playlist

I cannot hear this song without picturing Tel Aviv in my mind. Fugees were enormous when I was there. Which was obviously geologic ages ago. And I still have not given up on finding the remix of "Fugee-La" I heard coming out of someone's car as I was waiting for the number 25 bus one evening.

At any rate, this is the definitive version of "Ready Or Not" for my money. (Yeah, I did take a few media/comm studies classes, if you're asking.) 

I've found that I've been compiling a list of songs for my novel. This is an imprecise process. By that, I mean that I use songs to inspire or create a mood as I write and also I imagine my characters listening to or playing or thinking about these songs. A sorta playlist.

For your delectation, a haphazardly curated mini-list of songs:

No Ordinary Love
Video Games (TYP version)
Talk To Me

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