15 May 2012

Is This Heaven? No, It's Iowa.

Photo by G. Bergland
Today was the first day of class! Two people came from Australia; one person came from India. (The person who came from India, through CouchSurfing, connected with the guest room of the brother of the best friend of this guy I once dated, of course.) Like a kindergartener during storytime, I was stoked to get to sit next to ZZ.

It's been an awesome day! We decided to meet for four hours, rather than three. Classmates read aloud (awesome!) stuff they'd written during an in-class exercise.

Later on, at ye olde Fox Head, I had a really good time--surely the first time that has ever happened. (A gregarious poet in Galvin's workshop invited us fiction writers.) I asked the bartender if they had chocolate milk. I was kidding, but, dang, that would've really hit the spot. I had two Shirley Temples instead. I enjoyed some really good conversations both with my fiction writer colleagues and with the poets about Euro zone policy, dance, poetry, books. I talked with James Galvin about his cows in Wyoming, Antioch, and stringed instruments. The best friend's brother even made an appearance avec his unspeakably adorable border collie puppy.

Then I rode my bike home feeling great. What an interesting bunch of people! I have no doubt a poetry night or wine tasting is in the offing.

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