28 May 2012

Get Me (Em)Bodied

I've had a streak of completely brilliant days since Friday. I had fun running around doing errands for the salon, Aunt Patty talking me back from the brink of the abyss of having--count 'em!--three cakes.

On Saturday, my running around consisted of shopping. I was riding my bike down Davenport thinking about how interacting with the creativity of others is so extremely expanding and just, you know, the shit. I run into Design Ranch, and Chris and Gary are practically holding salon with this artist doyenne Sally. She talks about the work her artist daughter does. It's so interesting, you know, to find out the things other people think of and to refract that in some way. On the way out, she was telling me how when she first moved to Iowa City it was important that this was a place where women could be independent and do their work. I pictured these 1950s-coiffed women spending their Iowa City summers in sandals and Mexican dresses, scarves around their heads, painting, making sculptures; riding their bicycles; having their affairs and smoking their cigs. I leave DR and go to the co-op. I am crossing Iowa Ave on my bike and I think of Suzy Stumo. I'm on the dairy aisle in the co-op picking a yogurt, and this woman with this wonderful head of hacked, bleached hair says something to me. I am always in the world in my head--so, I come out of it for a sec to pay attention to this woman. And would you believe it's La Stumo? I totally googled her, like, earlier this month. Riding my bike home from a barbecue that night, I felt so present, so here.  I wouldn't have wanted to be anyone else for the entire world.

Yesterday I'm having lunch with Alan after a morning run and delectable pop music. And Alan is talking about the heart's magnetic field. I have to sit there like, Ohmygodohmygod. Dancers, youknowwhatImean? If you don't have some, get them in your life.

Fortunately, there's a poetry-slinging dancer who lives in Madison here for Galvin's three-week. His name is Greg. He is working with Paxton now. Greg has been encouraging me to come back to the fold. And it's like, Yes, I do need/want to be more connected; this past semester I completely ignored my corporeal self. Like, body? Who has one of those? So, meeting Greg is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

And I completely cannot wait for the Heymann Brothers film Ohad to be done.This film so obviously needs to be screened in Iowa City. This is a dance town.

I leave you with Tony Orrico, whom I happened to google this past school year. Because who can forget Tony Orrico? Dude is a star now. And he's in Iowa City again. Tony was in the improv class I took from Alan 10.5 (!) years ago. I'm so, so glad we all shared it.

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