07 May 2012

Barak Heymann Talks

FIFDH Paris 2011 / Barak Heymann by Laboitecarree

I saw this video on the Israel Film Center site and decided to post it, too. This is Barak Heymann talking about the film he produced and directed Lone Samaritan at what English speakers refer to as the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights last year. I like listening to his voice.

I finally did my interview with Barak (yep, I'm on a first name basis with him, too) last week after a handful of near-misses. He spoke to me from his hotel room in Toronto. I got just over 30 minutes of "tape" out of it and turned around my transcription in just over 24 hours. Wow. I should start a business transcribing people's interviews...

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