13 April 2012

Gimme More (Ivri Lider)

What can I say about this song and video that everyone hasn't said before? I find the lyrics incredibly poetic. By that, I mean they're so evocative you can turn them round in your mind forever, remember them, and shudder.

I'm glad that Ivri Lider is writing specifically and openly about his experience of being a gay man. What makes this song so powerful for me is relating to wantingwantingwanting someone so desperately and being unable to stop even though you realize it's no good for you at all. Everyone's had that experience. 

And I'm not reaching or going far afield when I connect Ivri Lider to Israeli film. He's done music for Fox's films, after all. I think maybe that's Israeli art's irresistible hook for me. We're really not trained in the U.S. to think about Israelis' emotional lives or human experience. That's probably not the best policy.

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