10 April 2012

From My Blog to Prairie Schooner's Server

 ZZ Packer reminds me of my cousin in Texas. But in a good way.
Happy Passover, everybody!

We ran to Iowa City right quick over the weekend, appropriately enough. I saw my friend and former neighbor Cecile, she gave me an anthology of Israeli women writers (more on them later...), and I cased her house for my novel. Also, Cecile was in the Workshop the same time ZZ Packer was and says she's really nice.

I can divulge that a pivotal scene in my novel takes place in Iowa City. My characters are back with me. They're talking to me. They're talking about each other. They're up into each other's business. And I'm writing it all down. Whenever I'm not doing something that requires concentration, I'm crushing on Yuval. This would be heaven if it weren't for school.

Last month I was googling Etgar Keret, the fortysomething don of contemporary Israeli literature, whom I met in Iowa City ten years ago, it happens. Later this month, he and Nathan Englander are appearing at the Chicago Humanities Festival; they both have new books out about now. Etgar, along with is wife Shira--sister of Aviv, subject of one of Tomer Heymann's films (ooh, see how I did that!?)--also makes movies. So, I'm really hoping I can talk with him for my Israeli film story.

My google search turned up a Prairie Schooner podcast about teaching writing featuring him and ZZ Packer. (Well, well, well! ) Admittedly, I was at that juncture too lazy to devote the fifteen minutes to listening to it. But it was a different story last week, now, wasn't it? I wanted to embed the synchronous podcast, which is apparently something new they're doing, but Prairie Schooner doesn't really want the drag on their server like that. So, ok: from my blog to Prairie Schooner's server.

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