20 April 2012

Are You Ready to Let Jhameel Into Your Heart?

I have not been able to stop watching Jhameel's videos since seeing this post on the Bitch magazine blogs last week. What outstanding pop sensibility! And he says his ideal collaboration would be with Janelle Monae. And what lovely, shiny hair he has, amirite?

I also tweeted his "Moves Like Jagger" cover this past week. Is it not completely, completely sweet? Is his voice not prettypretty so as to breathe new life into the accumulation of dreck that was Maroon 5's original? I thought I was being a non-drinking old fuddy duddy because I found drunk performance qua drunk performance, well, problematic. But my friend former Milwaukee poet laureate Peggy Hong agreed with me.

If you cannot stop watching Jhameel, there's more of his stuff here.

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