17 April 2012

Are You Old Enough to Learn About SSION?

Yes, I snarked on SSION when I first heard of them. And sort of dissed them. But that was in 2004! Almost a million years ago, really. I And I changed my tune in 2008, anyway. Though, even in when I was slagging SSION, I was like, I want to see you become the awesome art band you will truly be when you've got your game together. (It was "Opportunity Bless My Soul" era here, people.)

SSION has a new album and video. Very accessible. Catchy.  Cody Critcheloe keeps the cutie pie vocals, splits from KCMO. For Brooklyn. Oh, snap.

Ok, and if this is your first SSION, you can follow the link to a hot remix of "Clown," circa, like, 2008. I hope they're on tour soon!

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