07 March 2012

Pretty Good Week

I had a pretty good week last week. By pretty good, I mean awesome.

The Israeli Film Festival at Hillel was a lot of fun, as I've gushed about elsewhere, especially the closing event.

But the closing event really knocked my socks off. I didn't get to see most of Voices From El-Sayed because I ended up walking most of the way to the Waisman Center after my class ended. The evening included a panel with community members, people involved with the Waisman Center, and El-Sayed's Israelicious director Oded Adomi Leshem; food; a performance of ASL poetry by Peter Cook; and a screening of Deaf Jam, a completely amazing movie. I scooted out before the event was over because...

I went to Chicago the morning afterward to attend AWP. I had such an overwhelmingly positive experience. The people I talked to were so nice! The volunteer wrangler on AWP's staff (hi, Anne!), the poor marketing schmo fro m W.W. Norton, the other volunteers. I went to a really cool session featuring Jaimy Gordon and Rebecca Skloot that I hadn't even planned on attending. The bookfair made my head spin--and I didn't even see all of it. I saw Major Jackson sitting in the hotel lobby, then immediately ran into Kembrew McLeod, whom I hadn't see in godknowshowlong. I had forgotten how the wind comes in off Lake Michigan! But I walked up to Palmer House anyway for Jacinda's session. It's too bad we didn't get to talk longer. I'm so glad I finally went to AWP--even if it was only one day. It was very much a kick in the pants I needed.

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