27 March 2012

I Guess I Didn't Know


Wisconsin Public Television's public engagement does a program called Reel to Real in conjunction with the Wisconsin Library Association, so I was putzing around Independent Lens looking for films to screen.

So, long story short, I found that I could actually watch one of the movies by Tomer (yes, "my" Tomer!) on Hulu. This is a big deal for me because I've only been able to find Paper Dolls in my local DVD spot and maybe I Shot My Love on Netflix.

And I wouldn't have known if I hadn't happened to have been meandering around on public television websites. I don't get all the film industry lingo and whole how-the-film-goes-from-an-idea-in-someone's-head-to-a-screen-near-me process. But I do get Hulu...

So, I've embedded Bridge Over the Wadi above for your viewing pleasure. It's about a bilingual, bi-national school for both Arab and Jewish children. I started watching it, but haven't finished it. It's hard for me to watch so far because it reminds me of racism here in the U.S.

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