14 February 2012

Living With Yuval

Yuval is a character in the novel I wrote in 1997. I’m revising the novel, so he’s with me a lot these days. I think about him every day. I even speak to him. (Yes, I know he’s not there.) Personally, I think living with a character is great. At least, it has been so far. My characters don’t talk to me—they’re not independent of me. They’re more like fantasies. I don’t know if I should feel jealous of writers who describe characters upping and making their own decisions or not behaving as they’re supposed. I think I’d like that—with Yuval, at least. I think. Because it would mean they existed independently—and maybe I’d find them out in the world some day. Ok, I’ll admit it: I have a crush on one of my characters. Moving on…

Getting this character right, making him convincing, has necessitated forays into, um, would it be called masculinity studies? This is a topic I haven’t thought of very much, I must admit.

Ok, I'm posting this video now that I finally hit upon the right words to search. One night last week, I was googling "Israeli masculinity" or some such permutation and found this video of Eytan Fox below. I was so completely enthralled, it was so completely interesting, that I watched the entire thing. I was looking for it until earlier this evening. I got the keywords right, so here it is. 

Since then, I've also found some really interesting sources. I cannot wait to read some of the work Raz Yosef does.

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's all you ever wanted to know about Israeli masculinity, but were afraid to ask...