13 February 2012

AWP Approacheth

The 2012 AWP conference in Chicago will be here before you know it. Thank goodness it's so close this year!

Since it is so close, I know heaps of people who are presenting or reading at the conference this year. But the person I want to big up is my friend Jacinda Townsend, lately of Indiana University. Jacinda and I were in grad school at Iowa at the same time, (No, I wasn't in the Workshop. I got my master's in American Studies.) and she was one of my besties. I remember sitting in some place like Perkins one snowy Sunday night in early December with Jacinda and Faith Adiele. As per usual, I was cracking Jacinda up with my hand grenade delivery.

Anyway, Jacinda's book Saint Monkey is coming out this year. Here's a link to an excerpt. And she will be part of the AWP panel "The Literati: Deconstructing Publishing Myths for Writers" (F241) from 4.30 to 5.45PM on March 2. It's my very first AWP. And I haven't seen Jacinda in ages.