10 February 2012

Announcing the Courtney's Israeli Film Night Series?

Image from IMDb
More eyes are on the Israeli film industry since Footnote. Of course, I want to protest that I was down with Israeli cinema before all the johnny-come-latelies came and ruined everything. (It was my secret! And now all these posers and hipsters are ruining everything because now it's cool to like Israeli film! Gah!) And I have been; check this out.

If you can't get enough of Israeli film, there's UW-Madison Hillel's Israel Film Festival February 26 to March 1. And, also, because I'm a real fan from back in the day, I'm going to screen awesome Israeli movies at home. Keep your eyes peeled for an invitation. We supply the Bamba.

We're very excited about the inaugural film--Eyes Wide Open.

Help us decide what film we should screen next! View the trailer, then vote at the right. The choices for the next installment are:

Walk on Water
Yossi and Jagger