27 November 2011

Happy Jewish Book Month!

I'm a little late out of the gate with this, but there are, like, still three days left! So, Happy Jewish Book Month!

I want to congratulate Lisa Pearl Rosenbaum, whose book A Day of Small Beginnings, which I recommend for anyone wondering how to celebrate Jewish Book Month, was chosen for Spertus's One Book | One Community initiative. I read her book a few years ago and emailed her about how much I loved it.

Some other suggestions for Jewish Book Month, ahem, from Church of Style's Favorite Books include: Black Box by Amos Oz; Lover of Unreason, a biography of the hyperliterate hussy who stole Ted Hughes from Sylvia Plath; the atmospheric, unbelievably beautiful Suite Française; The Chosen; or the dazzling Mazel. Or revisit Anne Frank's eponymous diary. Or read Erik Larson's new book about William E. Dodd, who sounds like a very interesting person.

Happy reading!