28 November 2011


I worked at SERRV during the 2004-2005 school year. And I'm working there again now! The people who come in are generally very nice and quite easy to talk to. I was first introduced to fair trade and SERRV through my undergraduate involvement at Ecumenical Christian Ministries (ECM) at University of Kansas. (Hi, Thad!)It brightens my day to go in and interact with the people who come in, really.

What has changed? Well, I'm quite impressed by the uptick in desirability and quality of everything from ceramics to MarketPlace clothing to jewelry to baskets to furniture. Also, the current store manager's background in art means the space is always impressively arranged.

This semester I've bought a dress, a jacket-y thing, churidars, scarves, mittens, many baskets, a mug, measuring spoons, Singing Rooster coffee from Haiti, three different types of yarn, crochet hooks, chocolate, a trivet, placemats, coasters, a rug made from old saris--as well as one of the cubes pictured above, which makes a handy little table.

Also, there is much affordable, beautiful jewelry from around the world. And don't miss out on the baskets for which SERRV is rightly well known.

Fair trade is affordable. It's the right thing to do. Dress your family and furnish your home in fair trade and secondhand.

The photo above is from SERRV's website.

27 November 2011

Happy Jewish Book Month!

I'm a little late out of the gate with this, but there are, like, still three days left! So, Happy Jewish Book Month!

I want to congratulate Lisa Pearl Rosenbaum, whose book A Day of Small Beginnings, which I recommend for anyone wondering how to celebrate Jewish Book Month, was chosen for Spertus's One Book | One Community initiative. I read her book a few years ago and emailed her about how much I loved it.

Some other suggestions for Jewish Book Month, ahem, from Church of Style's Favorite Books include: Black Box by Amos Oz; Lover of Unreason, a biography of the hyperliterate hussy who stole Ted Hughes from Sylvia Plath; the atmospheric, unbelievably beautiful Suite Française; The Chosen; or the dazzling Mazel. Or revisit Anne Frank's eponymous diary. Or read Erik Larson's new book about William E. Dodd, who sounds like a very interesting person.

Happy reading!