23 September 2011

Speaking of Faythe

You probably know Faythe Levine as Art vs. Craft Lady. And Handmade Nation Lady. She's a curator and artist in her own right, as well. You've probably seen her table at Milwaukee's East Side Green Market. Her latest project is movie about sign painters. Hand-painted signs are delightful, aren't they? Sort of a surprise and subterranean delight in our network, digitized world.

I saw Faythe this past summer at said market. She was wearing a dress I assumed was a vintage find. The dress was from Anthropologie, it turns out. I was intrigued. So Faythe Levine knew from Anthropologie? I guess I hadn't thought it would have been on her radar. What else didn't I know about what she was wearing? Why not interview her?

Faythe was game when I asked for an interview, but she's kinda busy. So, I guess I'll get to the Faythe Levine Personal Style Interview a little bit later.