05 September 2011

Just So You Know

Vintage Madison is holding its second ever Fall Fashion Show at High Noon Saloon on Wednesday (that would be September 7).

I had the chance to interview fashion show coordinator/Vintage Madison member/Wanderlost Vintage doyenne Jess Parvin the Saturday before classes started here in Madison. I realized I had not described myself to her—nor had she to me. I knew who she was the instant I saw her, though. She was wearing a pair of sandals I thought were from Anthropologie (!), a full skirt with a colorful print, and a strappy little gamine top.

We had the chance to talk, and I am convinced Jess is living the dream. All vintage all the time. I’m convinced anyone making a living of secondhand is living the dream.

High Noon Saloon September 7. Vintage Madison pop-up shop at the Project Lodge September 11 and through the following week.

Illustration of Jess by, I'm assuming, Jess.

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