29 September 2011

How This Post Happened

This past summer I, ahem, spent a lot more time on Anthropologie's website than I do now. Meaning: I got more of a life and less money. At any rate, it's a good thing that I'm spending less time on the site.

If you know me, you know that I don't really wear jewelry. But! Earlier this summer I bought a Maasai collar piece (that I haven't worn yet). Toodling around town in the past month, I happened upon Calabash Gifts. There, I bought a couple Ndebele choker-like items. I put them on--and it worked. I didn't feel dangly and busy because they just sort of nestle on one's collarbone in such a way that one forgets one has them on. Nice. So, hmm, maybe collars?

Meanwhile, back at Anthropologie, they'd redone their website. At some point, they've included "Featured Artist." Basically, I had reached the point at which I would look at anything on the Anthropologie site--even jewelry, of which I did not consider myself a wearer. I was intrigued by the "collars" or "bibs." (This is known as the "statement jewelry," I suppose.) So, I clicked on "Featured Artist: Marion Vidal." I liked her jewelry, which reminds me of candy and gumballs. Nipping over to her website, I saw that the only stockist in the U.S. is Maryam Nassir Zadeh in New York. So, I checked out her website and learned about a new boutique.

Of course, part of the power (and dread!) of the Internet is discovering where it can lead you. I never would have heard of Refinery 29 if I didn't check "Rag Trade" on jezebel.com every day. God knows I never would've heard of Carven without Refinery. And not having heard of Carven would be completely unacceptable because that's the cool fashion blogger label. I wouldn't have heard of Fancy Treehouse if I hadn't been mucking around on N.E.E.T.'s blog because new issue wasn't up yet.

I forget where this photo is from.