10 August 2011

Bloggers Gonna (Irregularly, It Would Seem) Blog

What can I say? There was a little hiatus there. During which I've had the opportunity to look at and think about other people's blogs. There are things I need to do better. I just need more photos. I need to post more regularly. And I need to get on top of my marketing game.

I'm really excited about "rededicating" myself to Church of Style. I have ideas for posts (that I'm actually writing down!) and some plans. Right now, for example, I'm waiting to for interview responses from DIY doyenne Faythe Levine. Another thing is that I "get" what Church of Style is as a blog. It's a lot "wordier," more verbal, more literate, than other blogs. Yep. It is. I will not be using the word "amazing" to describe everything. And that's ok. My posts are often sort of essays. And I like that.

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