13 December 2010


It's perhaps unsurprising that the Church's future was a bit, well, up in the air. What with the lack of posts and all. Which could be chalked up to existential issues, blah blah blah.

But the Church is back. Back for a number of reasons: because I still dream about clothing; plot the perfect winter ensemble (LATEBREAKING: there are multiple perfect winter ensembles! Gah!); and look at style blogs.I regret not having done anything for the Church's fifth anniversary, but there's always the sixth, yeah?

I've got some ideas that I think will be fun.

18 April 2010

Very First Church Event

I first encountered Ibsen during the Fall 1994 semester as an undergraduate fulfilling the English requirement and was really sort of taken with them. Since then, I've associated wintertime with reading his plays.

In honor of Syttende Mai, Norway's official national holiday, Church of Style is hosting a dramatic reading of Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House at Boswell Book Company on May 17 at 7PM. (Also, the best party I've ever been to in my life was a Syttende Mai party.)

Madison drama diva Martha E. White will appear as Nora.

Boswell Book Company is located at 2559 N. Downer Avenue in beautiful Milwaukee, WI.

11 March 2010

Jeremy Scott ♥ Ms. Kansas?

Whew! It's been a while since the last post. MK has been tussling with a master's program in Media Studies since last fall, and, thus far, the program is winning.

Anywho, the Church has experienced a radical spike in Google Alerts since mid-February. And, of course, the reason for that is that designer and Kansas City native Jeremy Scott showed his Fall 2010 collection titled (wait for this) Church of Style on Ash Wednesday.

Mr. Scott, have your people call my people. It's great to be loved.