01 August 2009

Church Pilgrimage

The first ever blog post from Portland on the first ever church pilgrimage. I arrived in Portland yesterday. It was hot like it gets in Kansas, which is obviously unusual for Portland--or Oregon, in general. I am staying in the southeastern part of the city in a very cool house.

Last night after I showered up I went over to Hawthorne. As I mentioned in a tweet, the kids over there pretty much looked like the kids in Milwaukee who shop at Yellow Jacket. Blah, blah, blah--the flattening of fashion and regional differences, etc.

I was thrilled at how easy it was to use the bus system here. It was really fast! Which is the complete opposite of public transit in Milwaukee. Damn you, Scott Walker, you corporate boot-licking bumpkin!

I thought I was going to find my spiritual home here, but I've been like, Um, ok. There are plenty of BMW-driving jerks and yupparents who won't or can't make their designer babies mind. I guess nothing could meet my Mt. Hood-like expectations, really.

But I haven't been to Seaplane yet, though.

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