21 March 2009


Ha ha! Dittohead--get it? Right now Beth Ditto is the only thing on my mind cuz I'm on a quest to interview her for Curve. "Dittohead" is scarily appropriate because, as I've said as recently as yesterday, I was a teenage Christian fundamentalist. And, actually, I very much wanted to and almost attended church of Christ-affiliated Harding University in Searcy, AR, near where Beth Ditto grew up. (Instead, I attended Oklahoma Christian University, one of Harding's sister schools, my first year of college.) Though, even as an adolescent church of Christer I thought Rush Limbaugh was a great, sloshing douchebag and a racist.

How utterly appropriate that I out myself as a former church of Christ kid in the blog post about the woman who is in all likelihood The Coolest Lesbian in The World. (Visualize a virulently homophobic, anti-woman, bumptiously literal, fornication-obsessed Christian sect singing a capella.That's the church I grew up in!) Having grown up with shared cultural lexicon--adjacent geographical region, similar religious milieux--I'm really interested in her fashion evolution.

Larissa James photo from Gossip's myspace page.

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