25 October 2009

MK in the Media (Studies)

August was so long ago. Plans. Did MK have plans. She was going to do a blog post titled "Slanted and Disenchanted" about the first Church of Style pilgramage. To PDX. But that did not happen because, well, school happened to Ms. Kansas. Ms. Kansas is in graduate school now for Media Studies.

01 August 2009

Church Pilgrimage

The first ever blog post from Portland on the first ever church pilgrimage. I arrived in Portland yesterday. It was hot like it gets in Kansas, which is obviously unusual for Portland--or Oregon, in general. I am staying in the southeastern part of the city in a very cool house.

Last night after I showered up I went over to Hawthorne. As I mentioned in a tweet, the kids over there pretty much looked like the kids in Milwaukee who shop at Yellow Jacket. Blah, blah, blah--the flattening of fashion and regional differences, etc.

I was thrilled at how easy it was to use the bus system here. It was really fast! Which is the complete opposite of public transit in Milwaukee. Damn you, Scott Walker, you corporate boot-licking bumpkin!

I thought I was going to find my spiritual home here, but I've been like, Um, ok. There are plenty of BMW-driving jerks and yupparents who won't or can't make their designer babies mind. I guess nothing could meet my Mt. Hood-like expectations, really.

But I haven't been to Seaplane yet, though.

09 July 2009

Have Her People Call My People

Woo, y'all, I know it's been a while! Moving, Michael Jackson's death...

Here I am taking a break to check out Paper's always fab website. And I did not know Ms. Janelle Monáe was a Friend of Friends of Dorothy! But I knew I could not the only fabulous Black girl outta Kansas!

I loved me some "Call The Law!" She's an Church interview priority.

Photo by Jiro Schneider for Paper magazine.

08 May 2009

Fountains of Wayne

What with all the Pitchfork 2009 updates I've been getting in the past few weeks, The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne has been much on my mind. It's no surprise I would big up this Oklahoman (it was as an 18-year-old Oklahoma Christian University student that I actually first heard of The Flaming Lips and "She Don't Use Jelly"), having ancestral connections to that rootin', tootin' state myself, now, is it?

But more than that! Wayne Coyne is ever the distinguished gentleman of indie rock. In a story that appeared in The Telegraph last month he credits his wife for helping him bring the hot, hot heat, style-wise. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that he's a fancy-schmancy, high-concept auteur. He has to be the hottest guy named Wayne alive--and there are a hell of a lot of them in Oklahoma.

Photo from nypost.com.

18 April 2009

Ra Ra Rad

It looks like Ra Ra Riot is selling out shows left, right, and center! I first heard the Syracuse band's music on NPR and fell in love with "Oh, La," which reminds me of nothing so much as walking around the southern Milwaukee neighborhood Bayview in December. (Something to do with the quality of light looking toward the lake in winter and the tenable melancholy that comes across in Ra Ra Riot's music, I guess.) They play in support of 2008'sThe Rhumb Line in Waukesha, WI, tomorrow.

Image from rarariot.com.

31 March 2009

Do It Again/Change Clothes

I'm happy to say Milwaukee now has a boutique-style resale clothing store. (Arizona Trading Company--the premier boutique-style resale store as far as I'm concerned--was and is the rite of passage for every 18 year old who attends the University of Kansas. Ah, the reminisces! One of the best pairs of jeans I've ever had--vintage Jordaches that fit like a dream--was from ATC. I unloaded the Fluevogs that never fit there in, like, 2004.) Conceptually and practically sweet: clothes that are new to you, but not the environment. And it's good finally to have that space in the Alterra building filled.

25 March 2009

NoTORIously Attracted To Sin

I simply must big up co-former Christian fundamentalist Perez Hilton object of worship Tori Amos. Her new album, the appropriately named Abnormally Attracted to Sin, is out May 19. Like you didn't know, right?

Photo from Tori's myspace page.

21 March 2009


Ha ha! Dittohead--get it? Right now Beth Ditto is the only thing on my mind cuz I'm on a quest to interview her for Curve. "Dittohead" is scarily appropriate because, as I've said as recently as yesterday, I was a teenage Christian fundamentalist. And, actually, I very much wanted to and almost attended church of Christ-affiliated Harding University in Searcy, AR, near where Beth Ditto grew up. (Instead, I attended Oklahoma Christian University, one of Harding's sister schools, my first year of college.) Though, even as an adolescent church of Christer I thought Rush Limbaugh was a great, sloshing douchebag and a racist.

How utterly appropriate that I out myself as a former church of Christ kid in the blog post about the woman who is in all likelihood The Coolest Lesbian in The World. (Visualize a virulently homophobic, anti-woman, bumptiously literal, fornication-obsessed Christian sect singing a capella.That's the church I grew up in!) Having grown up with shared cultural lexicon--adjacent geographical region, similar religious milieux--I'm really interested in her fashion evolution.

Larissa James photo from Gossip's myspace page.

15 March 2009

My First Fracas

Yesterday was an exhausting jeans quest. Gil and I covered Gap, Target, Old Navy, Anthropologie, the Boston Store, American Eagle (oy vey!), and Macy's--pausing from our toil only to fortify ourselves with a delish lunch at Swagat's buffet. During our intermezzo in Sephora, Gil signed off on my purchase of a cute little Fracas eau de parfum roll-on.

13 March 2009

See It

Last weekend was very busy. Not only was there Jazz at Lincoln Center on Sunday and Riverwest Follies on Saturday, but also I saw Waltz With Bashir last Friday evening. I went with a friend whose first language is Hebrew, not that that helped my comprehension--but it is an intoxicating language. It's a goddamn good thing I didn't shilly-shally about going last week since it's no longer screening at The Downer. I would like to see it again because there is too much to absorb on the first go-round. The first few scenes drew me in--cuz who doesn't love a moody night in Tel Aviv? And I especially liked the music.

Image from waltzwithbashir.com.

11 March 2009

Jazz Cats

I thought this blog post was going to be about seeing those Lincoln Center jazz cats here in Milwaukee this past Sunday--and how young Milwaukee native Dan Nimmer really got the spirit on the piano on "Weary Blues." About how going to hear jazz ends up being--or should (I hope there's a special place in hell for people who go to evening concerts in jeans and white athletic shoes)--a style event. Because jazz cats do have a history of looking sharp and being sophisticated.

Um, but it's not. It's about me. Well, sort of about me. I realized my Sunday preparations would be great material for the fictionalized doings of a thirtysomething who realizes jazz gigs are the perfect place to meet the kind of guys who like her. That made everything sort of meta-hilarious. But, like, really, when am I going to write a novella? So, it's a blog post now. Enjoy!

The Wynton Marsalis--er, Jazz at Lincoln Center--concert was my own personal Oscars. Though, of course, there were no awards given out. And it was a concert. But in the preparing of dresses; fixing of hair by professionals; and hours-long toilette, it was similar. Though, it's true the toilette consisted mostly of me pumicing my feet long and hard enough to break a sweat and some home microderm (read: loosing the pumice on my forearms, calves, and thighs). And also true that my auto-maquillage consisted of Burt's Bees blotting sheets and a Laura Mercier lipstick quite past its expiration. To say nothing of the mani-pedi for which I pressed a toenail clipper into service.

In true Oscar night form, though, I was undecided about what to wear up to the last minute--affected, as almost any woman is aware, by the interlocking relationships of weather, footwear, hosiery, outerwear, etc. Each element was hard-won in its own right. The wrestling of the ends of three braids into one chic clip. The coat choice. The shoe selection. Other people may lie about it--but sometimes comfort and a look are mutually exclusive. There is a season for everything. Sometimes you choose comfort and ruin your silhouette. Sometimes you choose to look ravishing and can't really breathe. It's all about the interlocking relationships. I chose the Doc Marten in the end because there was that snow over rain business outside--and my Danskos would have put me in a sorry state. Though, happily, it turned out ok--Soviet granny is my look for this winter, after all.

For the most harrowing part of the evening Meryl Streep had nothing on me. All factors considered, I chose--surprise, surprise!--the ever-trusty, ever-tightening, spangly black dress. My dismay at finding my dress wouldn't zip--oh, how can it be told? Oh, god, no more sweets ever! I really have to get all Madonna about abdominal exercises now! I thought. Woe! The psychological trauma of one's perfectly proportioned go-to dress...The dress in which one could rest assured one looked great. The dress, not to belabor the point, that was all but magic because of said assurance. And ten minutes before I was to get on the bus for Lincoln Center Jazz, yet? World, world, oh, world! It's hatred of your ups and downs that makes us reconciled....What's that? Dress wasn't zipping because it was caught on my slip? Zzzh! There she goes! I'm not fat! Clearly, there is a god and he or she is in his or her heaven.

21 February 2009

Yay For Yigal

Fashion Week wrapped yesterday in New York--and I want shout out to Yigal Azrouël. He regularly gets big upped in the very downtown-y Paper magazine. Stories about him usually refer to his designs for women as "feminine" and/or "body-conscious." (Like my fave Israeli Gil, he grew up with a lotta sisters.) I would describe it as "sinuous." And clever. When I saw his clothes featured in the March 2009 issue of In Style yesterday I thought, Yay for him!

Photo from papermag.com by Caroline Torem Craig

11 February 2009

Campesinos Very Near You

In Turner Hall Ballroom, in fact. As if a Madison show weren't enough. April 3 at 8PM for $13. Be there or be not-Britcool.

03 February 2009

You! (Will) Be! Dancing!

Just a wee shout-out to everyone's fave Welsh band. That's performing in Madison at Der Rathskeller on February 6 at 9PM. For, uh, free.

Well, hope you brought your jumpers, kids!

Image of Los Campesinos! from The Guardian.

03 January 2009

Hype. Literate.

The 15th Annual Poetry Marathon at Woodland Pattern is scheduled for January 31. Nearly all the spots have been filled! As I've said in the past, you cannot sleep on Poetry Marathon. Beginning at 11AM, this is an awesome, unique event that reps Milwaukee and the Riverwest 'hood extraordinarily well. Poetry, performances, partial nudity, if we're lucky--rub shoulders with neighbors and literati alike.