29 October 2008

Thrill Seeking

I got a review copy of Michael Zadoorian's new book The Leisure Seeker last week. I read it and am currently trying to come up with some decent interview questions for him. (Dipshit interviews happen to be my pet peeve. Which is why, ahem, the interview process is so lengthy for me. I'm just saying...)

I found myself revisiting the novel's ending (which I obviously won't give away here) earlier this week (like, Jeez, in a way, it was kinda bogus they did that) and thinking about the continuing presence of (personal) history and stuff in MZ's writing.

Oh, and Michael Z does now have a myspace page. And I'm one of his friends... And he does appear to be cute... Which is really important.

Image from michaelzadoorian.com.

09 October 2008

Tasty, Non?

The world's first ever Josephine Bake Sale, as far as I know, is scheduled for October 18 starting at 4PM at Cream City Collectives, 732 E. Clarke, as a fundraiser for Dave "English Muffin" Mahoney. The event will feature yummy baked goods and a little hoochie-koochie entertainment. All for a good cause, my damies.

03 October 2008

A Prose Poem For Miss Natalie

Dear Miss Natalie,

I saw on your website how you are callin yourself "Alabama" now.
Too obvious to mention the legend that they started calling the playwright "Tennessee" in Iowa, isn't it?

Anyhow, I would dearly love to come visit you. I imagine we'd drink some sweet tea. Gone from hot to cold. And still ever so nice. Repair to the late afternoon and shade of a rocking chair.

Pick some stitches--or seed pearls with you. Knit one, purl two.

I'm feeling a bit sheepish since my mama's from Oklahoma. (Daddy from Texas.) But "Oklahoma" and "Alabama" have similar music--I think you'd agree. Though, for sure,"Oklahoma" is the less attractive younger sister to beauty pageant winner "Alabama" in a sparkly red dress. And, oh, you all do have the sour music and glamour of Zelda...and Tallulah. And, well, not feeling inadequate at all, but also Harper Lee. And, um, that friend of hers.