18 December 2008

Pins and Needles

Last night I went to Pins and Needles at Cream City Collectives for the second time. This fab idea brings together a group of women and men to work on their craft projects, listen to LPs, and chat. Last night we had Nina Simone and the Dirty Dancing soundtrack on the record player, among others. There are also treats--this time pink-frosted chocolate cupcakes and popcorn seasoned with spices and nutritional yeast. I had so much fun!

I helped Mary, who is a wonderful force at the space, cut up bras for the bra quilt for Danceworks performance The Bra Project next month. It was incredibly satisfying to work with my hands, to see the results of what I was doing. I had really been craving that. Pins and Needles is from 6-8 PM on Wednesdays.

Image from www.danceworksmke.org.

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