01 November 2008


Today I made the earrings pictured above at a really fun and interesting enameling workshop at UWM's Studio Arts and Crafts Centre. I'm glad I went. Everyone really got into it, which was really great--cuz sometimes people are like, Eh, whatever. This is stupid, infuriating many and ruining the class for some. Maybe because of the rising popularity of crafting and the theory couched therewithin? It's just so satisfying to actually make something, you know? One of the editors of Art Jewelry was also there--and I gave her one of the CoS buttons.

The people staffing the Arts and Crafts Centre were art education majors. I admire art education folk so much. Artists are such clever people, problem-solvers, really. They get such a bad rap; I mean, people think it's expendable or not serious, but art majors have serious skills. They can build shit, paint shit, make posters, make jewelry, draw, etc--which are obviously absolutely essential.

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