10 November 2008

Let Your Folk Flag Fly

This past Friday Texan alt-country chanteuse and fiddler extraordinaire Carrie Rodriguez performed at the Pabst--bringing along an excellent backing band, which included an utterly scruptious (oh, and talented) guitar player. A maturing songwriter and instrumentalist, she is also a winsome vocalist.

Rodriguez definitely has the ear, so to speak, of NPR, and the Pabst crowd tellingly skewed toward the middle-aged, one that remained emphatically seated--no matter how irresistibly rollicking the tune. Nonetheless, it took me back to my girl-with-guitar music college days.

Hopefully, though, any demographic can enjoy excellent musicianship. My favorite tunes included "Dirty Leather" and "St. Peter's." Her set list, as far as I was able to discern, is as follows:

1. Dirty Leather
2. Seven Angels on a Bicycle
3. Infinite Night
4. Absence
5. Grace
6. 50's French Movie
7. I Don't Want To Play House Anymore
8. Waterbound
9. Let Me In
10. Steal Your Love (Lucinda Williams)
11. She Ain't Me
12. Confessions
13. You Won't Be Satisfied That Way
14. El Salvador
15. Rag Doll
16. Never Gonna Be Your Bride
17. La Puñalada Trapera
1. ??
2. St. Peter's

Photo by Courtney Becks

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