28 August 2008

Meow Wow

You've heard of The Alley Cat Revue Milwaukee, right? A spin-off of the weekly (!!) burlesque show in St. Louis, these fine entertainers, led by the sultry Miss Bella Sue DeVianti, strutted their stuff at Stonefly in Riverwest for the first time earlier this month. The show bill featured burlesque artists from as far away as Minneapolis and St. Louis, including the very talented Miss Lola van Ella. It was great! Very profesh. Very polished. Great costumes. Ms. K especially appreciated Lola van Ella's effort as the MC to educate the audience about burlesque and performance--cuz it's more than just boobies. Unfortunately, Ms. Kansas had to leave at intermission because her companions, recovering from a cold, were feeling a bit piqued. Luckily, and to her surprise, MK met and congratulated the bevy of burlesque beauties when they stopped by the Riverwest Co-op the next day during her shift.

Obviously, these ladies don't play. They're planning to make the show a monthly thing. Catch a performance, including a freebie at Starship on August 30, Burlesque Extravaganza, Part 2 at Stonefly on September 12, and the much-anticipated Mondo Lucha at Turner Hall on September 27.

Image from Alley Cat Revue Milwaukee's myspace page.

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