04 August 2008

Kansas Flava

A short while ago I was sitting outside the Riverwest Co-op eating dinner when a couple strolled by. "I had one of those," I enthused, catching sight of the one-piece gymsuit the woman was wearing with a pair of high white socks.

It was the kind with the striped top and solid blue shorts that zips up the front--the kind girls rocked in middle school for gym class. She told me she got it at the Salvation Army. (Where else?) "Does it have a Broderick's label?" I asked. The dude she was with checked and confirmed that it was. "That's from my hometown," I said.

Broderick's was a textile concern--hide nor hair of which turned up on google searches I did last week--that made sportswear in Parsons, KS. My mother worked there when I was in elementary school. So, we never had to buy gymsuits.

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