19 July 2008

Yes, This Is Problematic

I was telling a friend last night about an unsatisfactory situation I find myself in quite a bit: heterosexual guys tend to admire me. He was like, "What's wrong with that?" Well, there is nothing wrong with admiration in and of itself. Obviously, I would rather be admired than reviled. However, this admiration is usually in the context of me finding the guy attractive and, you know, liking him. This is the ideal situation with, say, a married guy with kids because we get a little mutual admiration society going, and that's all very nice. This happens with alarming frequency with the guys I'm trying to mack on, though.

I've described this dreary, all-too-common phenomenon as men developing a crush on my brain. That's great, but, well, I'm cute, too. Men admire my brains, charm, wit, and inimitable style. After a while, it's like a I'm this fag hag for straight guys. And that's just wrong.

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