05 July 2008

Sometimes It Feels So Right

Cream City Collectives
The Cream City Collectives (CCC to those in the know) make anarchism so desirable. Yes, desirable! Every time you turn around, those crazy kids are scheming up some mind-blowing event...and programming. Examples include the Free School, this past spring's Crazy Cupcake Competition at which mind-boggling vegan deliciousness abounded, and the, ahem, illegal vegan restaurant. (Fuck The Man and his health code, yo!) Without getting all tear-y and hiccup-y about how DIY is alive and well in Riverwest--cuz it is--someone is always slapping up fliers about her/his yard sale, which sometimes includes the odd fire-breathing act. CCC also provides space for neighborhood events and meetings, the aforementioned Free School classes, recycled hand-screenprinted merch, a gallery, and a good book selection. Also, their myspace page is the best MK seen, featuring an excellent user-friendly calendar.

Walking Man
Ms. Kansas is recommending this book to everyone she knows. The author, Tim W. Brown, a Rockford native, gave a reading this past spring at Woodland Pattern. Being too cheap to buy the book, Ms. K recommended it to Milwaukee Public Library for purchase--and they bought it. Featuring walking, zines, librarianship, and the Upper Midwest--this book has claimed a special place in her heart. Sniff! An added plus: be prepared to be rendered helpless by laughter.

Perfume Theory
Ms. K does not make proscriptions about style--because what is she: a fascismista? The know-it-alls' proclamations are so high-handed and, to be honest, consumerism-driven. Nu, Ms. Kansas will now set forth her Perfume Theory. It's more about being thoughtful and considerate than fashionable. Ready? One shpritz. That is all anyone ever needs. Ever. Ever. Perfume is an enhancement; it should be a nice little ah! when you get close enough to another person. It is not for roiling in one's wake like some hormone-addled, tasteless teenager. Also, some people just have chemical sensitivities. If that isn't enough of an incentive: ask yourself: do you want to be That Person On the Bus/Elevator/Train/Whatever whose personal fragrance mushroom cloud is causing your fellow passengers' eyes to roll back in their heads? If it's ever happened to you--which is to say, if you've ever found yourself afoul of a pack of college-age males on public transit whose smog cloud of Eau de Postadolescence leaves you no choice but to suck air through the filter of your scarf--the answer is obviously: no.

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